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About ArtSpace

Artspace has started its activities in 2020 and since then we have embarked on a great journey to offer the best Quality and Customer Service to our customers. We decided to create an identity inspired by an “art space” to better serve the audiovisual sector.

We seek to imprint in all our productions a touch of art and sensitivity, combined with the highest standards of dramatic interpretation. This idea arose from the intention of creating an artistic and creative essence for ArtSpace, with a distinctive design in the market.

Without limits to create and imagine, we work aligning our ideas and objectives to achieve a high quality and unique result where the client’s project begins to integrate the collection of this “art space”.

We believe that dubbing – in addition to being the art of dramatic interpretation in which the actor uses his own voice as his only tool – providing accessibility and comfort to people who are not fluent in other languages, ensuring access to audiovisual culture for the entire community.

Our artistic direction has professionals with more than 30 years in the audiovisual market, maintaining a work philosophy fully focused on the highest professional standards in line with international quality standards.

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